Friday, June 20, 2014

The Rebels

Hi Friends

No card today but I have some pretty pictures instead.  This week I had lunch with a good friend and we went to South Coast Winery with our Canon Rebels in hand.  South Coast is a winery, yes, but it is mostly known as a resort and spa here in Temecula.  We had a great time and the weather was perfect for picture taking.  Now... before we get into this, I must say that I am a total novice at this and Sarah is quite good.  That being said, I think I'll let you decide which of the following photos are mine, and which are Sarah's. 

I snagged this picture from South Coast's website
Here are Sarah's and my pictures - in no particular order...

I'll be back tomorrow with some more challenge cards ... I hope.  I have two more to do for this week, but we're off to lunch with more friends today (again... diet will have to go on pause). 
I hope you've enjoyed your Temecula tour ... we feel very lucky to live here!!!
Have a great day,


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