Thursday, April 24, 2014

New Camera


                                                                My new camera

Hi friends

The other day I broke down and finally got myself a new camera.  I've been wanting a new DSLR ... yippee ... happy Mommy's Day to me!  I got a Canon EOS Rebel and I absolutely love it.  Whey 'my assistant', Bailey, sees me take it out of it's case he gives me the snake eye.... he knows he's my favorite subject at the moment.   My husband and I are going to go down to Carlsbad in a few days to visit the flower fields so Mr. Bailey will get a break.  I'll have flowers sometime next week to share with you.... and, yes,  more cards too.

I hope you'll enjoy these first efforts of mine - and admire our handsome baby too!

Bailey loves his mouse!  

Done with the mouse.... now, let's find some bugs!!!

Nope.... nuttin'

Huntin' "mofs" is hard work!

I'm about "done" posing, mom!

Dat's it.... no more pictures today!!!

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