Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cards with Linda and Sarah

                                                         Sunday Card Party

My friend Gail had her April SAS on Saturday but we were going to our daughter's for a party.  Friends Sarah and Linda were not able to go to Gail's either so we decided to make the cards the next day at my house.  I picked up the packets on my way to our daughter's house.  Thanks so much, Gail, for creating such cute cards and making up our 'kits' for us!

Here they are .....

Isn't this cute?  At first I thought it was a little martian and then realized it was a little lamb.  The sentiment (which is hard to read in the photo) says "thinking of EWE at Easter".  This one is going to Indiana for a grandson... so cute.

Simple card to make, but so effective.  The cardstock is just cut down a bit, flowers (from 'Flower Shop' this time) and the Fabulous stamp is on the inside.  Isn't it pretty?

Love this one!  I've seen versions of this one on Pinterest and wanted to do one.  Thanks Gail, this was a fun card to make.  Notice the grass is with SU's new fringe scissors.  This goes to other Indy grandson :-)

Definitely a cute 'kid' card - or maybe a 'kid at heart'.  

There's a little story behind this one.  We were sharing a printout of the finished cards and I was looking at it upside down so Sarah and Linda would have the right view.  Well, duh, I put the black polka dots on the wrong side... nobody would know the difference ... here's Sarah's correct one ...

We all agreed, this was a favorite!

Isn't this neat?  The flower image is stamped on the green cardstock and embossed with whisper white.  It is also stamped on the white cardstock... when you cut away the corner you have a perfect match.  Love it.

and, of course, what party would be complete without some treats?  Yummy candies from Gail.  Well, yes, of course it is CHOCOLATES.  

We had such a good time making these cards.  We yakked so much we didn't have time to complete one of the cards.  I still haven't finished it yet, but I will, and share it when I'm done.  It's a pretty one with butterflies ... stay tuned!  And thanks for visiting my blog :)

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