Monday, March 24, 2014

Pop Up Box Cards

                                 Pop-up Box card party at Gail's

Yay!  What a fun day.  Laura die cut tons of butterflies and flowers, I did some also... along with some cute little white picket fences and Gail had a bunch she had prepared too. We had lots and lots of flowers, butterflies, birds, fences, leaves, buttons, bows - you name it, if it fit in our "garden" we found a place for it in our pop up box cards. Many of the ladies had never made one and they loved them!  This was one of the best workshops (at least I think so).  I had a tutorial on my blog a couple of weeks ago - feel free to look back and run off a copy for yourself - you'll enjoy it, I guarantee :-).  

I need to apologize for my (less than great) pictures.  I had the flash on and didn't realize the pretty flowers were being washed out by the flash ... bummed.  I hope you enjoy them anyway.

Look how different they all are. I love the way each stamper put their own spin on these.  We had the same supplies available and maybe that's what made it so much fun - we kept 'stealing' ideas from each other - and adding, adding - not knowing when to stop. :-)

Laura and Robin hard at work.

Kendra and Laura - they look happy, happy, happy!


Cheryl sorting the bits and pieces to embellish some more

Look at Sarah's - I love the orange polka dots - soooo cute


You can almost see the picket fence on mine - another flash wash-out!

Pat's adorable pop up box.  You can see more detail in her 'garden' - wins most photogenic!

Kathy hamming it up for the camera and I still managed to blur the little flowers - sigh.

Jean and Suzie hard at work - well, between peeks at the catalog

Everyone seemed to have a really fun time and, to tell you the truth, I think I could still be decorating this little box.  Go ahead and make one today - you'll thank me!

Gail said it best when she said "If we don't quit embellishing these things, we can hand deliver them and say....

'Here's your twelve pound card'"


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