Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Alps - Innsbruck July 13

Continuing our adventures to the Alps and Dolomite Mountains - 

July 13

Here are a few pictures of our hotel in Seefeld, Austria.  While the city tours are very interesting, I am more a scenery type of person and our hotel was gorgeous! 

Today we are visiting Innsbruck, Austria on our way to Salzburg

We had to park the coach outside the city ... this is often the case in Europe with the narrow cobblestone streets.  Here is a picture of our coach - pretty awesome looking, huh?  Ivan, our driver, kept it spotless!

Our walking tour begins in this park in Innsbruck.  

This is a picture of the University of Innsbruck

The Austrians call this the 'energy stone' and by placing your hand on it, you get all kinds of energy.  Well, let's see about that as our journey continues :-o

The Golden Roof was home to the first administrative and governmental authorities of the empire. With its 2,657 fire-gilded copper tiles, and its fresco and relief-decorated bay, the Golden Roof dates as far back as Emperor Maximilian (1459).   It is known as a landmark of Innsbruck.

City scenes

                                                                The Town Hall

Overlooking the Inn river

Next we are off to Schloss Tratzberg for lunch.  The Castle Tratzberg was used as former border stronghold against the Bavarians and as Emperor Maximilian’s I hunting lodge. In the late 15th century the former fortress was destroyed by fire.  In 1554, Georg Knight of Ilsung, a wealthy merchant from Augsburg, acquired the castle, expanded and changed Tratzberg according to the spirit of the Renaissance age. Proof of those changes is the splendidly painted courtyard and exquisite Renaissance parlours.

Views from windows in the castle.

Next we are off to Salzburg

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