Sunday, August 17, 2014

Alps - Fun day in Davos July 18, 2014

Today was one of my favorites.  Not only is the area around Davos breathtaking, we went to a cheese making farm, a brewery, and we got to go to a chocolate factory and make our own candy bars ... what???  oh boy!!!

               Isn't she pretty?  Very happy cow enjoying the lush grass of summer. 

Gorgeous landscapes everywhere you look

Here we are for our cheese making demonstration

Stirring the milk and separating the whey from the curds

Back outside to learn about the alp horn. 

 Orin trying it out - not too bad, at least he tried.  I took pictures :-)

Lunch at a little Swiss Cafe - geraniums are everywhere - have you been noticing? Here's a little factoid... you'll find geraniums in most window boxes throughout the Alpine regions.  We were told that, since summers are so short, there is little need for air conditioning so windows are left open.  Flies do not like geraniums and will avoid passing over them.  Interesting!

Making our chocolate bars - I could do this activity every day!!!

So yummy!  They taste a lot like the Cadbury milk chocolate.  Look how mine bulges over the sides of the tray... lol... I had to make sure it was FULL... :-)

Back down the hill - we are now going to a micro-brewery in Monstein

The fermentation process - after the chocolate, this didn't appeal much to me.

Scenic little Monstein

 See those guys on the hill?  They are cutting and rolling the tall grass to feed my pretty cow during the winter.

A fun day - we're back in Davos now for another night at the Intercontinental

Come back tomorrow when we will be leaving Switzerland for Vaduz, Liechtenstein and then back into Germany to visit Neuschwanstein Castle before our farewell dinner.

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