Saturday, August 16, 2014

Alps - Cortina to Davos - July 17, 2014

Today we'll be travelling to Davos, Switzerland from Cortina by way of a stop in Bolzano, Italy.  At an elevation of approximately 4000' Cortina is surrounded by the Dolomites.  

This will be the last of the Dolomites as we make our way down the mountains into Bolzano

Of course we needed a hot chocolate and strudel pit-stop


We went to this museum completely dedicated to the research surrounding the discovery of this 500 year old mummy.   The exhibition in the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology consists of a collection of the most important archaeological findings of South Tyrol, like the world famous chalcolithic ice mummy called "Ötzi, the Iceman" who was found with all his belongings on the glacier in 1991.  It is a fascinating discovery which was the subject of a recent National Geographic feature.

The streets are lined with local vendors

Back at the town square where we meet our group to go on to Switzerland


This was interestng.  Our coach boarded this train... yes, the entire vehicle with us inside.  This allowed us to go through the tunnel without having to go miles out of our way to get around.  A ramp drops down and Ivan very carefully drove us onto the train bed ... pretty tight squeeze...

A beautiful Swiss Alpine lake - Lake Davos

Our hotel

A room with a view.........

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