Friday, November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving Treats

                                           Time to get ready

Oh my gosh, Thanksgiving is a mere week away.  Today's blog will feature some of the fun things we can eat... er, I mean create... see the word 'eat' in there?  Must be a subliminal message :-). Well, we can create these simple little treats and then eat them - treat = eat - hmm, there's that word 'eat' again - I must be getting hungry LOL.

Oh yum!!!  And fun!!!  Don't these little treats look fantastic? A kiss and a cookie and a dot of melted chocolate.  The hardest part is not eating them all before guests arrive.

vanilla wafer Hershey's Kiss acorn cookies |

And look at these little guys?  Take a chocolate covered oreo, 3 chocolate covered pretzels, some candy corn and some little white candies and you've got yourself some adorable cookies.  Plus, the pretzel makes it healthy!!!

What dinner would be complete without the Pilgrims?  Here we have a flat chocolate wafer covered with a peanut butter cup and decorated with some caramel.

Hoping you have fun making some of these cute treats - Festive Eats!!!

Enjoy your weekend :-)

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