Monday, November 18, 2013

Pam's SAS November 2013

                               Ideas galore at Pam's

Over the weekend I went to my upline/upline's (?) home for a Christmas Stamp-a-Stack party.  We had a blast and made some really neat Christmas cards.  I won four cards in a cute box and really had a wonderful time.  Here are the cards we made... I hope they give you some great ideas! 

Here are the cards I won for a door prize.  Thanks Pam, for a wonderful, fun day and a spectacular lunch.  Yummy!!! 

and here's our SAS cards ...

I think this one is my favorite!  What about you, did you pick a favorite?  I hope this has given you some ideas and inspiration!!!

Nah.............THIS ONE is my favorite............GUNNAR!!!
This is Pam's "puppy" - he is 10 months - 90+ lbs - 
He is a Bernese Mountain Dog (who stole my heart)

I'll be back soon - hope you are too :-)

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