Saturday, March 6, 2010

Container for my Nestabilities

Today I finished a project that has been waiting for a long time.  Verve has some fun challenges to accompany the new release and this is the one I did today. Sankari's challenge was to recycle or repurpose something and this little tin said "me, me me"... what could I do??  

I've been keeping my Nesties in cd cases and storing them in this "unadorned" tin... which is available at Oriental Trading Co.  I started this by making a template and then found that was more trouble than just cutting the paper to the width I needed.  I applied decoupage to the tin and the back of the paper... it wasn't as messy as I thought it would be... happy about that!  It was a little tricky around the lock but the trusty x-acto did the job.   Let me share more detail pictures...

I also did some tags for these tins (yep, I have another tin waiting to be decorated) that will contain my dies.

Anyway, let me say thanks for taking a look and I'll get those tags posted next. 



  1. Fabulous container for your nesties, it looks AWESOME and soooo beautiful!!!! What a great project Patty

  2. That is very nice! I like colors....TFS