Wednesday, March 16, 2016

march crazy card club

Gift Card in a Bag

Hi Friends

Just dropping by quickly to share a cute little project with you.  We are still going nuts trying to get our present house ready to sell and keeping an eye on the new one being built.  I can't believe all the red tape involved.  But, that's another entire  

Today's  post is an easy project to begin with :-).  Mine got a little more involved since I chose to really fancy up the belly band, but you can decide how you want to decorate it. It's funny how this all started.  I had the idea to make a little flat bag so I made a prototype using regular printer paper.  I liked how it turned out, bulk and weight-wise, so that's what I went with.... here are details....

Printer paper 8 1/2 x 11 .... in landscape mode, score at 3 1/4 and 8 1/2   turn score at 3/4

Fold along score lines, tape vertically, turn up bottom and tape... you have a nice little bag!

You might want to decorate the top portion of bag at this point .... I tried                           using decorative scissors but it was an epic fail (they are going to the good                               will) so I cut it off and finished it with plain top

Lay bag on scoring board, landscape mode, and score at 3 1/2... fold bag

Cut a belly band ..... 2 x 12 from dsp .... now have fun decorating.

Cut insert card in whisper white 3 3/4 x 5 ... this goes in back part of bag

Insert gift card in the pocket you created when you folded bag.... create tabs

I hope this made sense.... here are some pictures to help visualize....


Here we are .... my assistent Bailey helping with assembly    :-)

That's it for today ... I'll  try to post more often but I can't promise I'll have time.
Don't give up on me..... I'll get back into more frequent posts when all these distractions  are past history.  Won't that be nice???