Thursday, September 17, 2015

August Paper Pumpkin Alternate ideas

Hi Friends

It's hard to believe it's been over a month since I've posted.  We went on vacation to the British Isles with our friends and had a wonderful time.  I'm afraid my little blog took a back seat.  But... we are back, pictures uploaded (but not sorted), caught up with chores and all that happy stuff that one must do to get back into "routine".

So yesterday I played with the August Paper Pumpkin.  I have mentioned before that I share it with a friend and we divide the goodies.  Well, this month there were nine items!  Hard to divide that by two so I let her have two boxes, two gold cards, and one pink... her selection.  I decided yesterday to squeeze more out of my part of the kit so I cut my pink cards in half, the gold card in half and spritzed the flower on my box up a little.  I also prepped some black A2 card bases... then the playing began. 

August 2015 Paper Pumpkin Spoiler Alert- Stampin’ Up! Chalk It Up To Love/

Here is the original kit ... 3 boxes, 3 gold cards, and 3 pink cards.  

And here's what I got out of 3 cards and 1 box

The only thing I did differently to the flower on the box was I smooshed the middle part and added a large pearl.  But the cards each got a personal touch.  I gave my friend most of the stamps from the kit, so I pulled out my Lacy and Lovely stamp set, the 'it's your day' from a previous paper pumpkin kit, my large flower punch, scallop tag punch, bow punch, small flower punches and an envelope from the Veteran's Fund which I had kept since it was bright, shiny gold...I hang on to stuff since "you never know".

This made my little flowers and bows.  I had fun coming up with all these cards ... the pink bow was made from the scrap piece that remained after the large pink flower was popped out.  Here are all the items individually.  Please feel free to copy any that you like ... that's what it's all about.

I hope you've enjoyed this post and gotten some ideas.

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