Monday, December 22, 2014

Tags, tags and more tags

Ho Ho Ho

Are we having fun yet?  Here's another project that I've wanted to do every Christmas for a long time and finally did.  Tags.  I keep my scraps in those Sterlite containers - the big, flat ones - and all these tags were made with pieces that were in the scrap piles.  Love that!  Time and space do not permit me to describe each and every one but I'm sure you can get some ideas from these pictures.

Keeping this short as I still have a lot of preparation to do before the family arrives the 21st ... eeek.... but, ya know, having the family all together this Christmas makes any extra effort on my part totally worth it.

Here are just a few of the tags I made this year - think I made about 75.  I fully intend to 'recall' them on Christmas day unless the recipient refuses.  I'm going to recycle them until they fall apart.  Enjoy these samples.

Back soon!  Thanks for stopping by to have a look.


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