Monday, October 13, 2014

Day 5 Halloween Countdown

Hi friends

I hope you had a nice weekend.  I guess today is a holiday for some of you as it is Columbus Day here in the states.  I have a date with some friends to play mahjong so I'd better make this post a bit brief.  I  did work on my crazy cards over the weekend and can't wait to show you!  I love it... maybe I'll interrupt the Halloween countdown and turn it into a fall fest countdown... maybe?  It's Fall-related but not Halloween.  Ok, later this week.

Let me wish my Canadian friends a very Happy Thanksgiving!!! I hope your tables were loaded with all of Autumn's bounty!!!

Well, here we go with our Halloween countdown...

I really like this one.  It's actually more narrow than the standard A2 card that we are used to.  The points of the flagged turquoise piece measure 4 1/4 and it's length is 5 1/2 so it winds up fitting in an A2 envelope just fine.  I like the dimension on this one.

Well, I must dash... I think I'll start throwing in some Autumn cards this week too!  As always, thanks so much for the visit and have a super Monday!


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