Thursday, September 11, 2014


Today is a day of reflection and remembrance.  We were living in Navarre, Florida at that time but were on a golf outing in Door County, Wisconsin.  We were with neighbors and friends from Canada staying in Sister Bay.  As we drove to the golf course along tranquil country roads surrounded by the beauty of pines and sparkling lakes we were awed by the serenity and completely oblivious as to what we were about to encounter.  Perhaps that is why when the news started coming over the TV it was so difficult to grasp that such a heinous act was being dealt upon the innocent souls of our country.  It was just all too surreal.   We were all in shock and disbelief.  We all huddled around the TV ... many of us in tears.  We will always remember.......................

A very poignant song as tribute


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