Monday, January 6, 2014

My Brag Book

                                                            MY BRAG BOOK  

I just had to share this one, last Christmas gift with you.  My darling daughter, Lynda, made this brag book for me.  She is so very creative and completely designed this album for me.  This was such a wonderful treat for me because, not only did she design a gorgeous photo album for me, but.... she had kept ALL of my cards that I had sent to her over the last 5 years and she put them in the book.  It was all I could do to hold back tears - I just love this book and all that went into it.  I hope you think it's as wonderful as I do.  

There are little functional pockets everywhere!  See the little pink label?  That's a pocket.  So is the bright pink a functioning pocket where I can store more goodies.  

Look at those cute little scissors.  And the gold ric-rac?  Too cute!

The lacey, sparkly corner - check out the green glittery ribbon!

Love all the detail she put on it.  By the way, this is all hand sewn (well, plus some machine) but no "ready made" going on here.

Here is a view of the side and back of the album.  There are details everywhere!  

Another shot of the front ... isn't this fabulous?

And here it is opened.  I don't know how many cards are in here, but lots!  It's so fun to look through my various efforts.  Not every one is a home run but it's neat to have them all together in an album.  I LOVE this Brag Book soooooooo much!!!  Thanks honey.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed viewing my fantastic Christmas gift - I treasure it.

Thanks for stopping by.  Check back soon :-) 

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