Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bailey and Ripley's kittens

Happy Sunday - What's cuter than a room full of Kittens?

So do you have an answer?  It's kind of a trick question. NOTHING is cuter than a room full of kittens ... in my humble opinion.

I love this site!  Bailey loves this site!  Thousands of people from every corner of the world love this site.  It is sponsored by Purrfect Pals and they take in strays, in this case Ripley.  Turns out she was preggers and had 5 kittens.  Foster dad, John, cares for them until adoption time.  If you browse facebook at all, you may have seen references to other litters ... anyway it's really neat.

We go visit Ripley's kittens almost every day... I must share this picture of Bailey watching the little guys.  It's funny to watch because he really can't figure out where the heck they are.  He searches behind the monitor, to the sides, all over - poor little boy - he can't figure it out!  Not to mention there are a couple that look a lot like him!

Thanks for the visit... be back as soon as I make some samples for next weekend's SAS at my friend Gail's house. 


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