Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I join SU Jan 2013

New Year ... New Blog ...

For the second time in less than 2 years, my computer caught a fatal virus.  The first time I had a friend wipe the C drive and reinstall XP even though the processor was pretty slow and the computer (at that time) was over 5 years old... a dinosaur in computer-eze.  Well, the day before Christmas it happened to me again (on that same computer) and this time, while totally disgusted, I made the decision to just go out and get a new computer rather than go to all the work of reinstalling all my apps to that very old one.  And, yes, I was using antivirus software but I really can't recommend it after viruses got through on two occasions.  I was using Microsoft Security Essentials but will have Kaspersky on the new one (which should be here today!).  Sometimes 'free' is not the best. Here are the furbabies that help me with my stamping... perhaps 'help' is not the right word?

I have also joined the Stampin' Up! family and am a new demonstrator so I thought I'd begin a new blog to incorporate my new interests.  Wish me luck... sometimes 'blogger' baffles me!  I'm going to try to export/import some of my old blog posts to this new one but I'm not very optimistic.  There are only a few worth the time so I may just copy and paste what I can.  I'm sure it will all be "hunky dorey" when it's all set up... sigh... lots of work for me!!!

I'll be back ... you come back too?

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