Friday, September 12, 2014

Bailey's 3rd Birthday

Happy Birthday to our baby ... Bailey McPuss

{{mommy notes}}
We've chosen this birthday for him ... Sept 13th.  It's probably within a two week error guesstimate as to his actual birth date.  We adopted him from Animal Friends of the Valley in Wildomar, CA on March 20 of 2012 and were told he was approximately 6 months old at that time.

He is absolutely the dearest little thing to ever join our family.  Oooops... did I say little?  He's a robust 20# now....  but I don't think he's "fat".  Our vet just rolls his eyes at me :-).


{Bailey notes}
This is what I looked like when mommy and daddy found me... this picture was taken at AFV the day my life changed furever.

I goes where I wants and I duz what I wants.... except outside.  I don't even want to go out there and mommy won't let me anyway.  But I goes in cabinets, dishwashers, under beds and chairs, and I sleeps in the shower on my special blanket.

 I am pretty "technie" for a kitteh.  Mom says I am super smart ... she knows....!

MEOWvalous!!! Cat Cupcakes

Bye now.... I gots a party to go to!!!

Happy Birfday to meeeeeeeeeeeeee

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