Friday, August 15, 2014

Alps - St. Gilgen, Lake Wolfgang, and the Dolomites, - July 15 & 16, 2014

                                    Day trippin' out of Salzburg - July 15 - Day 6

This was pretty much a day of leisure as we had the morning to explore Salzburg on our own and then take a tour of the Lake District, St. Gilgen and Lake Wolfgang. 

In 2005 St. Gilgen was promoted as the "Mozart Village" by the Wolfgangsee Tourist Board. Although Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart never visited St. Gilgen (as he had intended to), his grandfather worked in the town, his mother was born in St. Gilgen, and his sister Nannerl moved there after her marriage.

                                               Lake Wolfgang and the town of St. Gilgen

check out the lederhosen

Leaving Lake Wolfgang and St. Gilgen,  through beautiful mountain towns.
 Enjoy the beautiful scenery.  I had a hard time choosing which pictures to include as they were all super.  This region is so serene and beautiful.

It's tiny, but I could live here!

Here we are at the apple farm

Gathering at the farmhouse for a wonderful lunch - oh yes, apple strudel for sure!

Wondering about the plastic covering the orchard?  We all thought it was to prevent birds or bugs... no, it is because they get a lot of hail and that knocks the unripened apples off the trees... interesting.

Back outside, and guess what I found?  A kitten ... such a cute little baby.  One of the children brought it over for me to hold.  The perfect end to a perfect day!!!


Last night we were in Salzburg again but today we checked out and are on our way to Cortina, Italy by way of the Grossglocknerhochalpenstrasse - um, ok, let's just call it the High Alpine Pass 

This will be our first introduction to the Dolomites - truly majestic

Time out for a hot chocolate

Italian Alps (Dolomites)

Remember "The Sound of Music" when Julie Andrews danced and sang "The hills are alive..."?  It was filmed in this meadow.

What an awesome drive up this winding road through these magnificent mountains

Entering the town of Heiligenblut

                                                  We visited a schnapps distillery 

Entering Cortina

This has been a long post, I know, but I hope you've enjoyed our Alpine adventure.  These two days were filled with gorgeous mountain scenes so I decided to combine them.

Tomorrow we'll leave Cortina and go to Davos, Switzerland.  Stay tuned.

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